Test driven development advocate, in love with Java and AngularJS.

Bernard Labno

Senior Full Stack Developer
From Barcelona, I am the guy that make things looks pretty. A bridge between designers and developers. 

Carles Rider

Senior Front-End Developer

Jakub Bejnarowicz

Front-End developer, AngularJS
With 20 years of experience and the third generation of graphic designers, making easy, clear and intuitive the reading and messages of our clients.

Jaume Sanahuja

Senior UI/UX Designer

Joana Melo

Back-End Developer

Joao Rodrigues

Back-End Developer
It's all about architecting and building systems that meets our clients needs.

Jordi Llonch


Matthew Bullock

Front-End Developer
Entrepreneur At Large. All things product development and still at school of life.

Patrick Roch

Principal Product Manager Scrum Master - Wearer of many hats
Ryan lives and breathes user research, prototyping, and bridging the gap between businesses and users! He loves awesome new technology ideas.

Ryan Oconnor

Application UI/UX Lead

Sergio Veiga

Full Stack Developer

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